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SIDEXIS SYNC SERVICES to connect a new clinic location and integration into existing practice management software workflow based on solution charly

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Sidexis Sync Services  case study...

SIDEXIS SYNC SERVICES as an universal tool to set up a 2nd practice site with mixed SIDEXIS XG and SIDEXIS 4 installations and novel integration into existing PMS workflow

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Download Sidexis Sync Services Video App case study welldent. Usage of video app in a Sidexis XG terminal server environment.

Using SidexisSyncServices VideoApp with Sidexis XG Terminal Server Edition

Example usage of the new SidexisSyncServices extension app at Zahnmedizinisches Versorgungszentrum welldent.

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Download Sidexis Sync Services UKE Hamburg case study

SidexisSyncServices with Sirona ORTHOPHOS SL at UKE Hamburg

Sirona ORTHOPHOS SL operation in a mixed Sidexis 4 and Sidexis XG network.

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