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Support for optional footswitch devices

In adddition to the existing Duerr VistaCam image realeases (pressure sensitive release, USB footswitch) SIDEXIS DUERR CONNECT (SDC) now supports any 3rd party footswitch device with mouse button emulation. Both left and right mouse button events can be linked to any of the available SIDEXIS actions, e.g. "save image".

SIDEXIS DUERR CONNECT ships with a single file, easy to use setup application. The installation process is finished in less than a minute and the system is fully functional. Right after activation of the Duerr VistaCam camera SDC will cover all important operations, e.g.:

* Automatic activation and deactivation of SIRONA SIDEXIS video windows
* Freeze/unfreeze of live video images
* Storage of video image data into the open SIRONA SIDEXIS examination

SDC allows to store all digital VistaCam images directly into the SIRONA SIDEXIS database - any hassles due to distributed, multiple databases will be avoided.

SIDEXIS DUERR CONNECT is another RSWE dental software application. For details please refer to WWW.SIDEXISPLUGINS.COM.