SIDEXISPLUGINS - PCCLUSTEX high availability solution for the dental practice
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Monday morning...
...PC servers don't run any longer

Do You know what consequences a total PC server outage in Your practice will arise?

How long does it take until substitute servers will be online?

How big is the sales shortfall?

Will a working data backup set be available then?

Will Your practice team work efficiently in that situation?

How big is Your IT dependency in Your practice?

You can avoid this.

PCCLUSTEX is the answer to keep Your business running in these situations

PCCLUSTEX is an easy to install application to offer high-availability features in dental practices and clinics. Once configured, important IT resources like SIDEXIS database servers or GALILEOS RCU PCs keep working even in case of total serveroutages.

Without PCCLUSTEX...

 In the case of a SIDEXIS database server outage due to a fatal hardware defect (e.g. crashed power supply) following systems will not be available any longer:

● all connected SIDEXIS workstations
● all image generating digital devices
● even a GALILEOS system will not be available any longer

Following "Murphy's law" this failure will occur just in a moment when the waiting room is full of patients and no time for repair activities will be available.
SIDEXIS workstation cannot communicate to crashed SIDEXIS database server


...important data will be backuped to the PC Clustex PC. In case of a server outage the PC Clustex PC will take over the complete network identity of the failed node, certainly having the latest data backup available for immediate operation. All connected workstations will be able to work.

PCCLUSTEX takeover operation

High-availability solution for the dental practice


Multiple PC servers can be covered by one or multiple PCCLUSTEX failover nodes

With PC Clustex nearly any
server side resource may be covered, eg.:

        • Practice management database server
        • SIDEXIS database server
        • ...

Any questions left?

Please get in contact with us to receive more information or to report about Your special needs in order to receive a solution blue print from our expert team.


System requirements

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows VISTA
  • TCP/IP network architecture